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Witcher 3 set bonuses not working

Sorceresses now dismember enemies on kill.
Increased random range of item levels rolled for quest rewards.
When the area is clear, go to the very center and walk on the path with the burning bästa slotsen på ninja casino pyre.6 of 6 Equipped: Bombs are exklusiva bonus thrown instantly.You might end up with an item you cannot use yet, but at least you'll get a guaranteed upgrade on level.Fixed discrepancies between NG and base game xml files, like missing ability definitions, ability tags, etc.6 of 6 Equipped: Any alchemy items are given one additional charge.A guardian is rested on the altar with several red glowing loot boxes.Collect the Power forex max insättning Crystal from the potion-filled corner to the left of the secret door, return to the hidden chamber and charge the Power Crystal with the Aard sign to activate a portal.Moved 3 item Wolven set bonus (bombs are thrown without a delay) and merged it with 3 item Manticore set bonus (bombs are affected by critical hit chance and critical hit damage).He is only immune to stagger effects.Grandmaster Griffin Set Bonuses: 3 of 6 Equipped: Casting the Yrden sign allows you to recast any sign free for the next three seconds.Equalized out of combat and combat toxicity drop rate (used to be twice as fast).

Added DoT value scaling with enemy max health on top of existing damage value to Devil's Puffball bomb.
Allied NPCs (followers) deal full damage to enemies (used to deal minimal damage).
In the Bastoy Prison Ruins, climb to the tower at the top of the hill with partial wooden struts still jutting upward.
Must be Level 40 to equip.Used to be only 50 dmg multiplied by Sign intensity.Dumplings runeword: changed duration bonus to 5x increase in healing speed.Witcher sets, changes are focused on fixing near immortality issue coming from high rending (monster) damage reduction combined with Protective Coating skill.Fixed leshen root damage being a fixed value throughout the whole game.Prolongation runeword: Unblocked blows increases potion duration by 1s (was.5s) Ignition glyphword: Enemies set alight with Igni have a 100 chance to ignite other enemies within a 2 yard radius.These monsters are especially vulnerable to silver.

V0.21 hotfix, fixed human npcs not having stats (zero health, -1 level).