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Witcher 3 bear armor set bonus

In this post I'll be covering the differences between the top tiers to help you understand a little more.
Character builds and Witcher Gear Before the Hearts of Stone DLC, the options when using Witcher gear with character builds were quite self-explanatory.
10chance 75damage 15Poison 25Aard *Venomous Viper Silver Sword is glitched at the moment, and you can only get the level 39 variant with lower damage.
Players who followed my other walkthroughs will know that the Scavenger Hunts start with the Viper School gear which takes place in the tranquil setting of White Orchard.Witchers of the School of the Bear are stereotypically thought of as much like their animal patron in other words, hefty and hairy.Even at NG Deathmarch it will rape Archespores (doesn't take much time cause it staggers the spores and can be spammed very fast hordes of max leveled wraiths, Kikimores, Dettlaff, Slyzards, anything at all.Grandmaster Set Locations, all sets consist of 6 pieces (4 armor, 2 swords) a Side Quest will unlock after finding one set diagram and track all future diagram discoveries.Must be Level 40 to equip.Theres an apprentice vendor at one of the weapon shops near the Gran place waypoint marker.

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Bonus perks, it would be fair to assume that given the difficulty in obtaining a certain set of gear that this would equate to the value of that gear.
They come with bonuses for Focus gain and huge bonuses for Critical Damage (75 for a mastercrafted sword).
Ursine Trousers (Heavy) Ursine Steel Sword Ursine Gauntlets (Heavy Between the Cockatrice Inn and the village of Flovive, theres a small inlet that leads to several cave entrances where the river ends.
Gear Level Requirement Steel Damage Critical Buffs Other Traits Silver Damage Critical Buffs Other Traits Feline Lvl chance 15Bleeding chance 35Aard 15Bleeding 10Dismember Griffin Lvl chance 50damage 25Sign Intensity chance 50damage 25Sign Intensity 10Dismember Ursine Lvl damage 25Adrenaline chance 100damage 25Adrenaline 14Dismember Wolven Lvl chance.Depending on your character preference (Abilities, Signs, Alchemy) you may prefer to use weapons and armour with perks that compliment your characters setup.Griffin School Perks, armour, in general, Griffin armour offers high bonus protection against Monster Damage and moderate protection from Elemental damage.As you upgrade, the difference in ratings callable bonus accumulator across the schools becomes smaller, until you reach the top level upgrade (mastercrafted) at which point the final rating for all schools is the same.You can also combine Ursine swords with the skill which grants Adrenaline points at the start of a fight.Learn all about Grandmaster gear; where to craft it and where to find it with the locations guide below.Blood and Wine in Toussaint.Can deal enormous attacking power and has great elemental resistance (sword fight these wraiths with Cat, they can't touch ye).Piercing Cold is a joke in comparison, at highest diff.This would not have been a problem had it not occurred while he was tracking a beast in a complex of caves.