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This file format can allow one to do things such as transits to composite charts (send the composite chart to file with -o0 option and then read in the file with -i when using the -t switch) composites between two composite charts (use..
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What is the meaning of deposit accounts

Advantage of Recurring Deposit Account, the advantages of recurring deposit account are as follows.
They can do so in the name of the company or in the name of its legal representative and the funds deposited can be managed only by the people who are mentioned as beneficiaries in the account.
Must not be easily counterfeited.
Interest bearing accounts) are short term accounts that pay interest and allow limited withdrawals.N Electronic payments technology can substitute not only for checks, but also for cash in the form of electronic money (or emoney).E-money refers to money that exists only in electronic form n Some forms of e-money include:.N n Currently, deposits are the largest proportion of money.Generally opened to finance pre-planned future purposes like, wedding expenses of daughter, purchase of costly items like land, luxury car, refrigerator or air conditioner, etc.

The problem of money as a store of values is that it loses value during inflation.
Money market mutual fund are interestbearing shares in pools of funds accumulated by investment companies.
The problem of double coincidence of wants is avoided.N Originally, paper currency carried a guarantee that it was convertible into a fixed quantity of precious metal.Credit card is just an ID card that lets you take out a loan at the moment you buy something.YES NO 9 people found this helpful.Saving deposits are non-transactions deposits that can be added to or taken out at any time.Improving economic efficiency.The assets poker e esporte include those that are tangible (land, houses, furniture, cars, keno trekking arts and capital) and financial (money, stocks, bonds, etc.However, money is the most liquid of all assets because it is the medium of exchange; it does not need to be converted into anything else to make purchase.

The disadvantage of using checks is that.