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Warlock t21 bonus

warlock t21 bonus

Unless one of the reaver's weapons is destroyed before the cast is finished, Apocalypse Drive inflicts an additional 10,000,000 Fire damage to everyone.
Item - Monk T21 Mistweaver 4P Bonus.
Coming into contact with a flaming orb inflicts 2,000,000 Fire damage and knocks the target back 2,140,000 Fire damage and reducing movement speed by 50 for 6 sec.Apocalypse Drive The fel reaver powers up its Apocalypse Drive, that inflicts 459,690 Fire damage every 4 sec.The intermission ends when Conflagration is interrupted.Item - Priest T21 Discipline 4P Bonus.Can occur only once every 28 sec.Sunder Bashes an enemy for 450,000 Nature damage.Approximately 2 procs per minute.Shamanistic Healing (Rank 4) When your health drops below 24 4, The Fist of Ra-den heals you for *24 412.5 *16 1,650 of Spell Power.Kin'garoth creates a bomb of fel energy that explodes when touched by a player, inflicting keno re 4,160,000 Shadow damage to all players within 200 yard radius.Stacks up to 6 times.Norgannon's Command When empowered by the Pantheon, you gain 6 charges of Norgannon's Command for 15 sec.For 476,287 Fire damage.

Purging Protocol Gigantic doors close and flames purge the construction bays, killing anyone inside.
Hello there, the Arms MaxDPS Rota isn't executing correct with the T21 Setbonus.
Each cast of Mongoose Bite increases the damage of your next Raptor Strike by.
Item - Shaman T21 Restoration 4P Bonus.Healing Wave and Healing Surge casts have a 100 chance to heal a player standing in your Healing Rain for 30 of the amount.It's unlikely that as demonology you'd drop UVoLS at any point in the rest of the expansion unless it receives a heavy nerf to the proc or proc rate.Slowing the target's movement speed by 10 for 20 sec.2.2 procs per minute.

Aggramar's Fortitude When empowered by the Pantheon, your maximum health is increased by 652,038 for 15 sec, and you are healed to full health.
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2 min cast (Channeled).