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The last jedi casino pointless

the last jedi casino pointless

Against Luke's wishes, she travels alone to confront him and Supreme Leader Snoke - just like Luke.
A big battle ensues and Rey escapes.
We do get to see approximately nine percent of her face before she kicks the bucket though.
Despite this, after the battle, Luke looks off into the heavens and slowly disappears into the ether.The movie ends with a final showdown on an uncharted planet filled with red salt (where some of the more visually arresting images from the trailers come from).For example, take the scene where Rey learns from Kylo that her parents were nobodies and that they're long dead.Yoda gets a cameo!Fans could see more of Cantonica in the future, as the planet plays a big role.I'm now convinced that Disney's shady organic marketers orchestrated the whole debate.Exteriors for the Cantonica sequence were filmed in Dubrovnik, Croatia, a Mediterranian hotspot for tourists not exactly a desert location, suggesting that fans won't get to see much of Cantonica outside of the casino.Wasting her in a coma instead seems utterly pointless.In fact, that IS part of our expectation and one of the reasons we go to the movies (and bttf II did it brilliantly) - but pretending like important plot points and huge moments super slot vs scalextric in the previous film simply didn't matter or didn't even happen.Canto Bight as "a place of both opportunity and high stakes, filled with casinos, racetracks, and other expensive distractions." Or, as Johnson described.The surviving resistance fighters make their escape with the knowledge that their struggle against the First Order will ignite a wildfire of resistance across the galaxy.

There were a lot of moving parts to the two-hour episode, so here's a breakdown of what we learned.
The problem of that scene is not the reveal itself: it's the scene's execution.
Today, Star Wars: The Last Jedi releases in cinemas.
But as a writer he could get that point across and still address the issue (because the previous film told the audience to BE interested in it) - just to then quickly resolve it in an offhanded manner and take the story where he wants.
Whenever the film tries to build up to a big emotional moment, that moment ends up feeling, well, not very big at all - which naturally could again be a very deliberate choice by the director to subvert the formula, but to what end?With the mission foiled, the Resistance fleet starts to get picked off, ship by ship.In one of the funniest moments of the film, Chewie sits down for a nice meal of roasted Porg, only to be guilt-tripped by the onlooking survivors.Until the very end, I never feel like any of the protagonists are in real danger.I mean, I get that Johnson doesn't want us to be interested in Snoke's story (and a whole bunch of other things that were made to feel important in TFA) because HE isn't interested.It's not clear yet whether her feelings are reciprocated.(Sort of in the final showdown with Kylo Ren, it is revealed that Luke isn't actually there.Supreme Leader Snoke dies, we did not see this one coming.Star Wars trilogy is finally upon.But getting there often feels like a chore (and I'm really not sure a Star Wars film should feel like work).

This does cause a bit of a villain vacuum though; neither Kylo Ren or High Commander Hux are particularly formidable.
After two long years, the second instalment of the latest.
Not that an artist (or a huge conglomerate) shouldn't have the creative licence to do that - but if you go down that road don't act surprised about the inevitable backlash.