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The bonus ages eu4

the bonus ages eu4

So history has been done.
Cpp - Added disallow_random_new_world that can be used for mods - Added colonial_region context scope - Added GetWomanMan to monarchtext # Achievements Ironman - Fixed a bug which caused the It's All About Luck achievement to not fire.
Genoa now feeds into Bordeuax.
Fixed better tooltips in HRE map mode.
(Conversions done during the Age of Discovery count.) Create a Colonial Empire Have at least 5 colonial nations.Improved Wartaxes 100 War taxes cost Cavalry Armies 20 Cavalry to infantry ratio Higher Developed Colonies Gain 1 base tax, 1 base production, and 1 base manpower in a colony when it becomes a city.# Game balance # Trade Nodes - Added new trade node Western Europe, grand casino lav split leading to Sevilla, Bordeaux, Antwerpen London - Caribbean no longer leads to Sevilla Bordeaux, but instead to Western Europe.Liberty Desire grants more manpower and cheaper maintenance for the colonial subject.EU4 Dev Clash, Week 9 - One True Rome (Season 10).True if value highter or equal to date.Splendor may then be used to purchase age-specific abilities, which are various temporary bonuses a nation can activate for the remaining period of that age.With the, mandate of Heaven DLC, each age has a number of goals for countries to achieve.Added idea group for colonial nations.Justified Wars 10 Aggressive expansion impact Transfer Subject Transfer Subject peace treaty at half cost, and allow fabricating claims bordering existing claims.

Present on Two Continents Own provinces on at least two continents.
This game was completed in Patch.22.2.
This game was played on patch.24.1 with Cradle of civilization expansion.Liberty Desire, colonial subjects can declare war on their overlords at 50 liberty desire, and will do it automatically at 100.In the game the Observer kan via a convenient interface jump between different countries, played by other humans or the AI, and see everything they can see.The Anti Piracy Act and Hire Privateers are no longer mutually exclusive - Removed province 548 West Berar from requirement of hindustan_nation_eastern_aryan decision - Swedish military reforms are now less potent.While westernizing, you no longer get 200 stability costs, but instead 5RR.Added GetDateText, GetDate, GetYear and GetMonth to eventscopetext.During a golden era a nation gets the following benefits: 1 10, all power costs ses bingospelare med särskild penna 10, morale of armies 10, morale of navies.Nerfed Prussian Japanese ideas slightly.Absolutism ) and what possible disasters may occur during said age.