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Swgoh military might bonus tier

Thats what I mean by overdoing.
I just burned through all my owned characters in galactic wars - 3 missions from the end, and I've finished it multiple times before - against a squad with Dooku (fscking extra /counter attacks high-level Luke (2K dmg every time phasma (more counters etc).
Note that this effect persists between encounters, as it is a special effect found only in an event.When the fun of watching light sabers swing and hearing chewie roar have lost their glitter in favour of endless pursuit of 'one more piece of equipment'.We will be monitoring player feedback AND the effects of these changes to social casino platform ensure this benefits players as intended.Shard shuffle note: Starting with the characters mentioned below, to make room for characters that are coming into the game, we are starting by removing characters that have 1 or more duplicate nodes.

No problem simming my way through missions for progress, but when I run out of sim tickets I'm not sure how much longer play cleopatra keno online for free I'll be playing.
Im curious as to why you thought giving the three bosses their zeta abilities was a good idea?
Military Might: (note: This event is not scheduled for April).
In every case, we will be leaving the easier farm node for those characters.Visas Marr is now available in Chromium Packs and Shipments.Date the event begins: April 14th Minimum Lvl Requirements: 85 Character Requirements: Phoenix Squadron, Empire Squadron, Grand Admiral Thrawn Artist of War and Chimaera (Legendary Events) Date the event begins: April 12th Character Requirements: Phoenix Squadron note: The Chimaera event is allowing players to enter.Ground War: Changed event allowed units to: Jedi, Ewoks, Ugnaught (was: Resistance, Ewoks, Ugnaught).Mythic Events: Artist of War Mythic Event has been added.Context: The introduction of Commander Luke Skywalker has made this ability less useful then initially conceived.The Sith Marauder is now available in Chromium Packs and Shipments.