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Slot size delivery

You may want to combine this dimension with the casino minsta insättning 1 kr Advertisers dimension since we can often identify the advertiser associated with such domains.
Not all buyers pass the agency name.
Including the Site dimension can provide more accurate numbers, but this data also may include impressions to sites that you dont control or that dont have your ad tag directly on them.
Set the size to the size of the ad slot, such as 728x90, not 1x1.House or, ad Exchange line items.App: User is viewing the content through a mobile app on their smartphone or tablet.If the recipient does not collect the shipment from the postal outlet, the shipment will be returned to the sender after 7 days.The Deal ID is a system-generated number used to identify a deal between a buyer and a publisher.GPT Simple-URL An impression is attributed to a request from a simple URL tag, which allows ads in lion casino mexicali environments where JavaScript isnt supported.Creative size (delivered) " instead.To investigate these requests, use the "Inventory Ownership" dimension and the Diagnostic queries.You can make an agreement with Posti on the regular pick-up of your shipments, order a pick-up service for an individual shipment lot, or drop the parcel off at a Posti outlet yourself.The house ad can be delivered so that in reports you can track unfilled impressions separately from intentional blanks.

Here is a list of the most common instances where a pricing rule isn't attached: Impressions won through Private Auction and Preferred Deals don't participate in the Open Auction.
MobileDevice » Name and version number of device (e.g., Nexus 4_from_Google) MobileDeviceSubmodel » Additional granularity, particularly for where the MobileDevice value is generic (e.g., iPhone6,1) OperatingSystem » Name of device operating system (e.g., Microsoft Windows 7) OperatingSystemVersion » Version information about the device operating system (e.g.
The size is displayed in the format "wxh" with multiple sizes separated by comma (e.g., 300x250, 600x300).
Select dimension attributes to display quantity, cost type, delivery indicator, and other information.If this value is something other than "AMP Ad tag" (such as "Google Publisher Tag" or "Other you're likely running ads from a custom domain; you may want to replace them with amp-ad tags so AMP Ads can load faster.Ad Exchange impression numbers reported using this dimension may differ from the legacy "Creative Size" dimension due to how Creative Size (delivered) counts some Google Ads text ads.Generally, running bid data for yesterday or today won't display any data.We only allow the Bid ranges dimension to be used in combination with one other dimension at a time.