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Shadow priest set bonus

shadow priest set bonus

Pre-raid best in slot : Head : Crimson Felt Hat Felcloth Hood Neck : Dark Advisor's Pendant Anastari Heirloom Shoulders : Burial Shawl Felcloth Shoulders (Tailoring craft) Cloak : Archivist Cape of Shadow Wrath Amplifying Cloak Deep Woodlands Cloak - Horde only.
Sadly, you will have to drop out of Shadowform to use it and thus gimping your already low DPS.
Price is just 15 silver each and you can have as many as you want in your inventory.
Shares cooldown with runes.This becomes available with ZG patch.Neck : Choker of the Fire Lord Shoulders : Mantle of the Blackwing Cabal Cloak : Cloak of Consumption Cloak of the Brood Lord - If you get hur spelar man free spins 1 hit elsewhere.Hands : Minor Mount Speed Increase untill AQ enchants get in the game.You can get these by cleansing Night Dragon flowers in Felwood after completeing this quest.I think you two are the ones missing.Zanzil's Band - If you have both it's even better.Enables you to do the usual rotation while still having Improved Fortitude for buffing.Standart - - The spec I use at the moment.If the raid leader or your class leader don't require you to use it, then don't.

Didn't fit in either list, this is more of a honorable mention as it's the best you can get for shadow priests before Lok'amir.
Hex of Weakness and, shadowguard have their places in PvP but hardly outmatch Will of the Forsaken and Devouring Plague.
Robe of Winter Night (Tailoring craft) Wrist : Bracers of Arcane Accuracy Weapon : Lok'amir il Romathis Off-Hand : Tome of Shadow Force - Requires AV exalted.
It's your primary source of DPS and as such you should reapply it every time it's down.Category: Accounts in store.Without the damage increase, people who would equip the 4p and have SW:I would encounter a dps decrease (3/18 damage decrease).Stacks with Arcane Intelligence.Best critical strike I've gotten so far is around 2,000 with 470 spell power.ECastingBar - Cast bar addon that adjusts itself to your latency.Another thing you won't be able to raid without.Items worth noting : Anathema - One of the best looking staves in the game, both versions.960 mana over 5 minutes?

Whether the talent is bad or not is irrelevant.
Otherwise said, "feel" out the class.
I haven tried Humans'.