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Pve set bonus pvp

The best set to use against low critical chance opponents (primarily low skill zergs in no-CP).
Impregnable : Superior stamina set when opponents have higher than 55 critical chance and high penetration (good in no-CP, even better in CP).
Deciding : Does the stamina regeneration and ultimate gain of Blood Spawn outweigh the risks of it being down when you need it?
Description: Fortified Brass and Armor Master were mislabeled as each other, this is now corrected.
Stalker 2-piece Ball Lightning and Leeching Strike or Psychokinetic Blast and Serenity Strike increase damage dealt by 2 for 15 seconds.However, some sets, including all Dungeon 1 and some Dungeon 3 sets, are aimed at specific classes due to the bonuses on the sets.Light and arcane only.Always highest or very close to highest mitigation.2-4 set piece bonuses are amazing.Sometimes assumptions are right, other times wrong.Pros Good for no-CP PvP.

4-piece Reduces the cooldown of Recklessness or Force Potency by 15 seconds.
The 2-, 4- and 6-piece information below is from information found in-game, and is copyright BioWare.
6-piece Increases the duration of Oil Slick or Riot Gas by 3 seconds and the duration of Energy Shield or Reactive Shield by 4 seconds.
Set haga slott Slots Source Type The Postmaster Chest, Finger, Feet, Head, Legs Postmaster Malown in Stratholme Magical Ironweave Battlesuit Chest, Feet, Hands, Head, Legs, Shoulder, Waist, Wrist Blackrock Spire instances and Dungeon Set 2 summonable bosses Magical Anti-Scourge sets The following sets were available to fight.
6-piece, activating Ravage, Blade Dance, Duel Saber Throw, or Twin Saber Throw will grant Weaponmasters/Challengers Critical Bonus making your next Vicious Throw, Furious Strike and Annihilate or Dispatch, Concentrated Slice and Merciless Slash critically hit.The very nature of a defensive proc set also means that it will sometimes be down when you get hit with an ultimate or an otherwise heavy hitting combination.The actual Google Sheet formulas are a lot more complicated then the ones listed below, as they include several IF statements in order to prevent situations like over and under penetration.Pros, all the defensiveness comes form the 5th piece bonus, which means 2-4 set pieces are great for your utility.Also for those brave enough to open this spoiler, I'm 99 certain my math is accurate, but if you notice any errors or something that doesn't "feel" right, let me know and I'll investigate.Added adjustable WR mitigation value in order to get accurate result for individuals CP distribution.

Cons, it falls into the minor/major buff system, so if anyone else is wearing WR or proc'ing minor maim (DK's, SB users, frost users, Asylum staff users, NB's the effectiveness of this set is significantly reduced.
Description: Added pros and cons list for Robes of Transmutation in the "Detailed Analysis" section of forum post.