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Private safety deposit box companies

to them.
After the term mentioned in this announcement, the unclaimed property shall be alienated in accordance with Paragraph Two of Section 1721 of the Law on Credit Institutions.
Use of safe deposit box may be extended by annex to the contract for a pre-agreed period.
Deadline for returning the key is the date of the expiry of the contracted period for safe deposit box use.7 (495) (800), advantages wide bonus malus system ab 2018 range of box sizes advanced security systems meeting all safety and confidentiality requirements depositary service for real estate transactions safe cash payments for real estate sale and purchase deals.Employees of the Bank Treasury may not independently access clients safe deposit boxes.It means that a safe deposit box may be accessed only in the presence of the treasury officer and legal entitys authorized officer.In compliance with banking laws, a customer can place valuables in a safe deposit box protected by the bank and remove them without any restrictions, including bank restrictions.

You are welcome to claim the property mentioned in this invitation by 30 September 2019 (inclusive) by applying to ablv Bank, AS in liquidation at 23 Elizabetes Street, Riga, LV-1010, Republic of Latvia.
You can obtain further information about bank products and services designed for individuals from the Customer Information Support Service.
The client receives one key and the Bank has a co-key that opens all safe deposit boxes solely in the presence of the client,.e.
Based on the application, the Bank brings a decision on opening the safe deposit box.There are no special criteria for rejecting client applications.Nordea Bank provides personal bank safe deposit box rental services to companies and individuals for the storage of money and other valuables.Beneficiary shall be held responsible for losing the client key, safe deposit box destruction or any misuse of the rented safe deposit box.The handling of safe deposit boxes is regulated by the Rules on the use of safe deposit boxes in Crnogorska Komercijalna Banka.Upon such approval by the Bank, contract is signed in two copies.At the same time, the bank controls access to the room where the customers' safe deposit boxes are located.Additionally, it is possible to issue an authorization for other persons that may potentially be using the safe deposit box.

This contributes to additional safety and keeps trust in the Bank and its overall operations.