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The talent builds noted correspond to those on the Talents and Builds page.Keep an eye out for Emissary caches, as these can award Heroic raid item level Azerite pieces if your own item level is high enough.Always use your best judgement when picking..
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Pathfinder firearms attack bonus

The introduction of firearms to Pathfinder came with no exception.
But during our first game (I was the DM I had to give out rizk bonus ehdot a masterwork dagger.
Pistol: Probably the most widely used firearm, the pistol can be reloaded as a free action with Rapid Reload and Alchemical Cartridges, which allows you to use it for full attacks.
If you do not plan to actively use the Scatter shot, use non-scatter weapons and forge that the option exists.The Tangling Shot and Flare Shot provide interesting tactical options, but keep in mind that the DCs aren't spectacular, and they don't scale at all.This is necessary to buff firearms and eliminate the drawbacks that make them annoying.3.This can be a good choice for characters who won't use firearms exclusively, or as a backup weapon if you specialized in something two-handed.I wanted to reinforce firearms having a niche as high-powered, low-range weapons.Debates over realism, aesthetics, and mechanics of firearms continue to appear on various forums.

Using it to fire bullets doubles the damage dice, making the shotgun more damaging than a rifle.
You can find many GMs on Paizos forums telling horror stories of a gunslinger easily killing a dragon in a single round.
Check with your DM before making any assumptions.
Overall, Jeff wanted to play an awesome gun fighter, but ended up with a class that made him feel miserable.If you plan to use Vital Strike, this is a solid option.These archetypes were simply better than the vanilla gunslinger in almost every way.No more touch attacks.The martial/spellcaster disparity also played a role in his frustration.In order to offset the problematic mechanic of touch attacks, Ultimate Combat had to include significant drawbacks to firearms that ultimately make firearms unfun to use and build characters for.The description also fails to list what stats to use for the sword portion of the weapon.This means that anyone can come along and learn to use every firearm with a single feat.

The Ultimate Equipment Guide includes rules for new firearms.