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Path of exile linked gem slots

X All Attributes All Elemental Resistances Physical Damage and Accuracy X Energy Shield 4 Alteration Shard Alteration Shard Stack Size: 20 A stack of 20 shards becomes an Orb of Alteration.
Act 2 ( Yeena ) Chromatic Orb Chromatic Orb Stack Size: 20 Reforges the colour of sockets on an itemRight click this item then left click a socketed item to apply.
Armour 1 Blacksmith's Whetstone Blacksmith's Whetstone Stack Size: 20 Improves the quality of a weaponRight click this item then left click a weapon to apply.
Summon Raging Spirit (SRS) is one of the best starting builds that also scales well, even with the 15 damage reduction for.0 ; and the rogue nature of your little skulls flying off screen like homing missiles and killing whatever they find is always.Per 1 Quality: Supported Skills deal.5 increased Cold DamageSupported Skills Penetrate (18-37) Cold ResistanceThis is a Support Gem.Both can be severed by a same edge, then forged anew.Weapon with (40 to 69) Increased Physical Damage 6 x 1 Weapon x 1 Blue or Rare Rustic Sash Rustic Sash(12-24) increased Global Physical Damage x 1 Blacksmith's Whetstone Blacksmith's Whetstone Stack Size: 20 Improves the quality of a weaponRight click this item then left.As an alternative you can use Added Fire Damage until you can obtain Multistrike.Resolute Technique : theres no point in worrying about accuracy and critical on your equipment or worse in your passive skill tree.Bestiary Result Recipes 1x Net, one tier higher 3 of the same nets Progression change Level down Result Recipes Book of Regression Book of RegressionReduces your character level by one and resets your experience for that level to zero.Numerous players who followed ZiggyDs guide after the launch.0 have reported its one of the best builds they have ever played.Before we begin, its important to point out the ability to obtain unique threshold jewels from an act 5 quest.Increases your Critical Strike Chance and Accuracy Rating Assassin's Mark - the best Curse for this build.

Quality Items These recipes produce currency items that improve the quality of their category of items.
Its the go-to skill for leveling quickly, is fairly easy to gear for, and does very well at end-game.
PoE Currency, Orbs, and, casino wild sultan unique items.
7 Portal Scroll Portal Scroll Stack Size: 40 Creates a portal to townRight click on this item to use.Level 6 Master Conversion Orb Price Location 20x Orb of Alteration Orb of Alteration Stack Size: 20 Reforges a magic item with new random modifiersRight click this item then left click a magic item to apply.View ALL offers Bandits: We recommend killing all bandits for the additional 2 Passive Points or helping Alira for extra Elemental Resistances and Crit.Act 1 ( Elreon ) 30x Orb of Scouring Orb of Scouring Stack Size: 30 Removes all modifiers from an itemRight click this item then left click on a magic or rare item to apply.Item Rarity/Quantity the 1st tier mods only provide Alteration Shards) Chance to Shock Chance to Bleed Increased Bleeding Duration Increased Burning Damage 3 Alchemy Shard Alchemy Shard Stack Size: 20 A stack of 20 shards becomes an Orb of Alchemy.Corrupted items cannot be modified again.7 Physical Damage to Attacks 20 increased Global Critical Strike Multiplier Optional affixes: increased Accuracy Rating increased Global Critical Strike Chance Attributes (Int.Multiplier (makes it easier to squeeze in the Haemophilia gloves) Leveling Skill Trees: 34 Points Skill Tree Priorities: 1) Finesse 2) Ballistic 3) Herbalist 4) Deadly Draw 5) Heavy Draw 61 Points Skill Tree Priorities: 1) Lethality 2) King of the Hill 3) Fangs.Granite Flask Granite Flask Lasts.00 Seconds Consumes 30 of 60 Charges on use 3000 to Armour Requires Level 27 Right click to drink.