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Nest egg slot game

Face S/W 12-20' 10-20'?
Different size birds with different habits have different preferences when it comes to entrance holes, interior volume, dimensions, mounting, etc.
Wood Duck 10 x 18" 10 x 10"?1.25-1.5" round (prefer 1 3/8"?) 7/8.5" slot 10-12' High preferred 5-15'?Notes ON hole size: per, bergmann's rule, some species of birds may be larger in colder climates -.g., a Canadian starling may be bigger than a Florida starling, thus the Canadian bird might not be able to fit in a certain hole size that.1 3/8?-1.5" Will nest in boxes 5-5' high 10-12'?Brown-headed Nuthatch prefer large?Red-cockaded Woodpecker (Picoides borealis) Smear box with white paint and caulk to simulate dried sap.If you experience problems with the website/find broken links/have suggestions/corrections, please contact me!15-18' on tall longleaf, loblolly, and pond pine with low understory Red-headed Woodpecker 6 x 6" 12-15".75-2.75" 2"?Many people find that boxes with.25" or 1 1/8" hole restrictor on them before an egg is laid are not utilized, even by smaller birds like titmice and chickadees.Violet-green Swallow 5 x 5" 6" 6-8"?Lewis's Woodpecker 16-18" 14-16" 12-20' Mountain Chickadee.25"?1 to 5" 4-6"?

Bewick's Wren 4 x 4" 4-6" or 7"?
WT:.8 Size: medium, class: ALL, race: ALL.
Birds are most likely pokerstars bonus code september 2018 to use a nestbox that approximates natural cavity choices.Black-capped Chickadee 4 x 4" 8" 8-10"?Tufted Titmouse 4 x 4" 1 3/8-1.5" Tree Swallow 6 x 6" 5 x 5"?1 9/16.375".250" oval Bluebird-Western.5.5" 9" 8-12"?3"-4".5 x 4"?Also, I do not know how reliable this information is - sometimes misinformation gets propagated).See disclaimer, necessitated by today's sadly litigious world.No matter what species you are trying to attract, you should choose or build a box that is sturdy, has the right size entrance, will stay dry inside, opens for cleaning and monitoring.

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If, house Sparrows are common in your area, avoid a box with a perch, as it gives House Sparrows an unfair advantage.
Last updated September 3, 2016.