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Mafia 3 locked weapon slots wheel

Comment, comment, comment, comment, comment, comment, comment.
I would love to hear your results!
But later on, as you unlock more slots, this will most likely become your preferred way of doing things as new challenges present themselves.
There are two different ways to switch weapons, though, each of which can be useful in different situations.Then, you can on the fly switch them up as the situations calls you.The second method for this is done by holding down L1 or LB instead of tapping them to bring up your weapon wheel.Obviously you can put your weapons in the slots that make you comfortable.This is pretty standard, with it being a mob game, after all.This wont be necessary when you first playoj casino start, as youll only be able to carry two different guns (one pistol and anything else you pick up).You know how to switch weapons in Mafia III easily now.How do I change slots while at the arms dealer?For example, you can have an assault rifle for crowds, then a pistol for a bit more accuracy on a single enemy if youd like.I know this is a little late because you posted this in march and its now July but if you still aren't quite used to your number keys then give these a try.

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I use e and r for two shotguns but you can use whatever you want.
I have a issue with the arms dealer.
The first method is by quickly switching.
Oh and I use TAB for my harvesting tool and q to crouch I build o my mouse but the most important thing is finding key binds that work for you if the number keys and for you then give these key binds a shot.
If you have any other questions, you can leave one in the comments down below, you can also check out our 2015 alienware 15 ssd slots wiki for the game as it has guides all listed there, or you can search using our built-in search bar on the top right-hand.This will switch your current weapon with the last one you had used.Then I use c for my AR I use x for a sniper and z for meds.Now every time I select equip, the shotgun and silencer replaces themselves and not the other slot I have open.New to Mafia 3 so need a bit of help.I use E for picking up weapons, reviving ETC.I want to equip my silencer pistol and shotgun.

This is done when you tap L1 on PS4 or LB on Xbox One.