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Highest magic attack bonus osrs

Avernic defender 30 Requires a dragon defender and avernic defender hilt, 70 and.
Any design assets in use from m will be replaced.
The maximum hit increases with the player's Magic level.Requires 40 to wear.Temporarily increasing your Magic level only increases your accuracy, but not damage (with the exception.Likewise, stat-reductions will lower the damage, but the minimum max hit will never fall below 20; even if the player's Magic level is reduced below.Black salamanders, the strongest salamander, has a base maximum hit of kraken first deposit time 17 jackpot capital casino 80 free chip at 70, and at 99 it is 24, up to 27 if an imbued heart boosts from 99 to 108.Prayers such as, mystic Will, Mystic Might and, augury only increase accuracy, not max hit.The effects of most equipped items can be seen at the bottom of the stats window (labelled Magic damage: x).Dragonbone necklace 12 Requires 80 to wear.Bandos tassets 0, any will work as armour does not provide stab bonus, but, bandos tassets gives, strength bonus.Speed of 5 (single target) Slayer Fire surge max hit 54 (52 with smoke battlestaff) w/ tome of fire 2 cape 15 helm 10 neck 15 wep (or 10) 2 top 2 bottom 5 bracelet Castlewars (note: Possibly wrong.70 range is required to wear them.

Requires 75 Hitpoints to wear.
Armadyl chainskirt 40 Requires 70 and to wear.
Total 178 165 if using an Abyssal tentacle and Avernic defender.
Monk's robe (top) 6 Found on the second floor of the Edgeville Monastery, which requires 31 to enter.
The maximum total theoretical damage from one spell is 368, achieved by hitting nine targets with Ice Barrage for 48 damage to the flag bearer and surrounding players for 40 damage each during a Castle Wars game.A Serpentine helm also gives a 3 Strength bonus, but requires 75 to wear and has to be charged with Zulrah's scales.Cheaper alternatives include White gloves and Blessed vambraces, but they only give 1 to Prayer.Magic Dart, salamanders and the trident of the seas / swamp ).Infernal cape 4 Requires completion of the Inferno.The Falador shield 4 gives the same Prayer bonus gratis casino pengar utan krav pa insattning and requires completion of the Elite Falador Diary.However, it can only be cast.A Berserker helm also gives 3 Strength bonus, and requires only 45 and the completion of The Fremennik Trials.

Kodai wand 28 Requires 75 to wield.
Spectral spirit shield 30 Requires 65, 75, and.