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Grindstone witcher 3 bonus

Works with The Witcher.03 checked with.05 *May Work with other versions as long as effects.
Xml, obsolete, jackson casino bingo Will be removed soon, elenear made a Mod with CDred's editor, MOD Gear Impr ovements by Elenear.1e compatible with august 14 th patch(es?
Oils have charges depending on the tier.
Exe and s run (left clic.) grindstone armor buffs X10 t then press return to close the window, done.AClassyBeardedGuy, various Stat and All in One Mod by willief23, rebalanced Potions and Bombs by, hridulfur as edits the same file (manual edit required to merge them, try yourself, its soo easy!).Durée avec mod de base : 2h30, optionnels 25h et 90mn.Optional durations, X100( 25hours) and 90mn just replace (overwrite) grindstonex10 with one from version folder.(activate with same bat file, ofcourse) français: augmente la durée des buffs d'armes et d'armure.Remise au réglage par défault : cliquer "Grindstone armor buffs t" taper entree pour fermer la fenêtre noire.Oils also have charges.Oils have three 3 tiers basic, enhanced and superior.Grindstonedefault, grindstonex10 and Grindstones versions folders quickbms.on the last area, there is a breakable rock.Climb up above after breaking the rock to see the chest.

1x Enhanced Hybrid Oil 1x Ginatia Petals 1x Alchemy Paste 1x White Myrtle Petals 1x Bison Grass 1x Erynia Eye 1x Albedo Insectoid Oil 1x Dog Tallow 4x Ranogrin Insectoid Oil (Enhanced) 1x Insectoid Oil 1x Puffball 1x Bear Fat 1x Ranogrin 1x Hornwort.
Désinstallation: cliquer Grindstone armor buffs t, fermer la fenetre avec entree, supprimer les fichiers: Grindstone armor buffs t grindstone armor buffs X10 t, grindstone and Armor buff durations X10.txt grindstonex10, grindstonedefault folders nouveau dossier "versions" contenant les options.
Basically each strike to the enemy consume 1 charge.Ten times (that should.5 hours) longer duration for buffs from armorbenches and grindstones.Grindstone armor buffs t grindstone armor buffs X10 t, grindstone and Armor buff durations X10.txt.Unfortunately they can be random.1x Enhanced Ogroid Oil 1x Arenaria 2x Alchemy Paste 1x Ranogrin 1x Ribleaf 1x Cave Troll Liver 1x Aether Relict Oil 1x Dog Tallow 5x Mistletoe Relict Oil (Enhanced) 1x Relict Oil 1x Cave Troll Liver 1x Bear Fat 1x Beggartick Blossoms 1x Hop Umbels.Quickmod for the Witcher 3 wildhunt.Do at your own risk (anyway theres none i guess.).Superior oils give 50 bonud to attack power.Basic oils give 10 bonus to attack power.

Basic oils has 20 charges.