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Green bonus lords mobile

VIP, its very helpful to get VIP ltv bingo up to 8 (auto complete guild/admin quests, complete research/construction for free when 21 minutes left, big player xp gain boost, some resource production boost).
On that note, always USE anti scout.
At least it will stop people from seeing if you have a ton of gold to take.
Even if you have T4s, you should scout.When solo hunting, use randoms and scout all castles around you before using relocators (or gems for relocators).Innate talent ability helps but you still have to spend to reset talents each time you use.Unlocking new heroes and leveling them fast is an important part of this game: The more heroes you have, the more powerful you are.Put on your build clothes right before you start a construction, change to your research clothes right before you start a research, and keep another set of clothes to boost production from your own turf or increase army capacity for gathering.During war it is best to redo.

Personally I dont put jewels in my war gear, Im saving them to make into purple or gold jewels for my Level 60 gear, but this is a personal choice as extracting them at a later date costs gems.
You can also siberian storm slot review buy Quest Scrolls from the in-game shop if you dont want to wait 6 hours: Each scroll will instantly refresh these quests.
Not only just T3s but also some meat shields in T2s or T1s.
Good luck and Godspeed, this will be a long and fun journey!Installing Reward: Get rewards for downloading an app.Some of the big guys that attacked us, Ive noticed do this too.Lets start with what Hero Stages are.Heroic Adventure: This has I think 6 Bravehearts, which normally cost 2000 gems each, for 5, so pretty good deal.

important : This is a US gift card.