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Eu4 netherlands age bonus is bad

Blockaded provinces no longer get devastation recovery from control, revanchism or forts, just like siege and occupation.
In the interest of promoting blackjack hit or stand chart more in-depth discussion on this subreddit as vad betyder vidio slots well as talking about my favorite nation to play I would like to talk a bit about the Netherlands.
For bird ideas, Exploration is a given.Forming the Netherlands gives you permanent claims on anything with Wallonian or Flemish culture which includes a good chunk of French region land.Added more polynesian names.Music player now uses weights again Fixed that "neutral" AI attitudes became "unknown" when loading save from within another game, causing strange behavior.Blocked conquest missions that were possible despite the HRE outlawing wars.Can no longer combine Transfer Vassal with Cancel Vassal in a peace deal on the same vassal.Free Features, added new Tsardom government type.Fixed that "Is a subject type" tooltip was shown instead of "Is NOT a subject type".Civil War Disaster now accounts for Chinese Mandate.Significantly reduced AI aggressiveness when in debt.

Even if you have to lose treaty of tordesillas bonuses, it can be worth it as you'll be competing with a likely protestant England for most of the New World land and as we said our main focus is normally the East.
Added Veche Republic government type.
Protestantism event 23 should no longer be able to target the same province multiple times.
Vali Ahads will now plot slightly less intensely in the Ottoman Empire.
Nation Designer Prussian Monarchy now costs 100 points in Nation Designer, up from 50 Slashed Ruler Personalities costs in Nation Designer AI Diplomacy AI subjects can no longer refuse to take land that their overlord gives them in peace deals.Colonies now have the same logic for automatically discovering neighbours as other owned provinces (was not always the case if El Dorado was active).AI subjects will no longer use your military power to do artillery barrages.A beautiful oddity off of their fourth album.When he does, the union mobile casino list 2015 lands that Burgundy held will occasionally get alliances with big powers, if they do you're going to have to annul treaties by attacking a different ally of theirs before you directly attack them for land.Harmonization Speed modifier now shown.The first AI wave of sending diplomatic actions is now spread out over five days, instead of all on the first.

States are better on a per province basis for money (N.B.