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Eso additional character slots

Not only do you get the Magicka on hit, but since you arent casting Magicka abilities your Recovery will be ticking away giving even more!
Necromancer will still win in most situations since you can run an Inferno Staff with it, but this set still is nothing to laugh at anymore.
Each time you feed your mount (20hr cool down you gain 1 inventory slot, if you maximize carry weight.Summerset Addendum (for if you'd already learned all existing traits with our old primer) Combine With And 44 Beetle Scuttle Butterfly Wing Powdered Mother of Pearl 45 Clam Gall Mudcrab Chitin Spider Egg 46 Clam Gall Scrib Jelly 47 Powdered Mother of Pearl Scrib Jelly.You have now achieved the Botonist Toxicologist achievements (as well as the achievements for every alchemical reagent) and your crafting skill level should be level 18 or better - all by spending 2 skill points and creating at most 47 combinations.Invisibility, speed, damage/critical boost).Creating a potion with 3 reagents yields no more inspiration than using 2 reagents.When creating combinations not described in our alchemical cookbook, we strongly recommend the Alchemy Calculator designed by uesp for simulating new combinations to double-check your mixture prior to crafting it at an Alchemy Table.Translating a new rune yields much more XP and is not included in the chart. Ideally youll want your front bar staff to be Infused or Nirnhoned paired with a Shock or Fire enchant. .Argonians and Bretons offer superior resource management, at the expense of raw damage.Makes the nodes much easier to spot even at longer distance.Books found within this library contribute XP to your Mage Guild rank. After that begin pumping up Iron Clad and Thick Skinned with a 3:1 ratio (3 Iron Clad, 1 Thick Skinned).

These runes determine the item levels that the Glyph can be applied to, and they determine either the additive or subtractive nature of the Glyph.
(please message Tevalaur on PC-NA if you know) Poison Name Reagent Trait Description of Effect Gradual Health Drain Lingering Health deals poison damage each second while restoring health to you each second Gradual Ravage Health Gradual Ravage Health deals poison damage each second Drain Health.
Blockade of Fire does tremendous damage (20 more to Burning targets while Lightning offers raid DPS by setting Concussed enemies Off-Balance.
There is definitely much to learn, but between tips in this guide and practice put in, youll be able to access almost all end game content with ease.The Heavy Attack builds are going to see a large DPS loss in raid environments, while the traditional Force Pulse/Pet builds will be seeing a nice damage boost. .Withered Hand gonzo's quest free spins bonus (Alikr overland events) A nice 5 piece set that remains relatively hidden to many people.Enchants/Poisons on your Weapons: Enchants again are contextual. .Champion Point Progression, mage (Blue Tree).Or alternatively you can die and respawn there.Main Bar; Shock or Flame damage enchants are ideal. .If youre used to the Lightning Heavy Attack meta, youll likely want to start dipping your feet into other waters and see what you like.Poisons which bingo linköping cupolen protect or heal you are shown in red, poisons which benefit a stamina-based player or boost damage with a weapon are shown in green, and poisons which benefit a magicka-based player or boost the effectiveness of spells are shown in blue.Destruction Staff, destruction staves offer immense sustained damage as well as resource management from killing blows, all while bombarding the enemy from a safe distance.