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Empty module slot

Slide the compact flash card into the slot until it locks into place.
Table 2-2 dimm Speed Considerations 1 dimms are available in two speeds: 1066 MHz and 1333 MHz.
Memory Module Locate the memory poker bilder module filler panel to be removed from the motherboard.
Close the release lever until it locks the filler panel in place.
Locate the REM battery connectors on the motherboard.Install the CPU ( figure 2-5 ).Figure 2-11 Designation of bdo xp bonus event Storage Drives Add a Drive.Using both thumbs, press the dimm straight down into the dimm connector slot until both ejector levers close, locking the dimm in the socket.See Remove Cover From Server.Simultaneously press down on both ejector levers at the ends of the memory module slot.Do not populate any dimm socket next to an empty CPU socket.Locate the REM support bracket on the motherboard, then remove the protective shipping cap(s) from the REM connector(s).To install the REM battery on the motherboard, do the following:.Ensure that the dimm ejector levers are open (angled outward).

Sun Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) mat, Sun part number Use an antistatic wrist strap.
Ensure that the orientation is correct as damage might result if the CPU pins are not aligned correctly.
For drive locations on the server, see Sun Blade X6270 Server Module Option Locations.
Removing or Replacing Filler Panels Each server module arrives with module-replacement filler panels for CPUs, storage drives, and memory modules.Locate the FEM board connectors on the mother board then remove the protective shipping caps from the connectors.The optional components ordered for the Sun Blade X6270 Server Module are shipped separately and can be installed by the customer, with the exception of the CPU option.Orient the heatsink so that the two screws line up with the mounting studs.On the bottom of the screen, after you tap on the module slot, you will see how many lures you currently own.For REM location on motherboard, see Sun Blade X6270 Server Module Option Locations.Refer to the following procedure when adding a compact flash module option to the Sun Blade X6270 Server Module.If you ordered an alternative CPU assembly option, the optional CPU assembly is shipped separately.Ordinary amounts of static from your clothes or work environment can destroy components.Hinweis: Unsere Preise verstehen sich zzgl.

Locate the keys on the side of the compact flash card and align them with the sides of the CompactFlash slot.