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Deposit statement in spanish

Deposit sth (lay down, throw down) dejar The floods deposited mud in the villagers' homes.
Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.
La chequera - Checkbook, el débito - Debit, el dinero - Money.
(No, but they must submit a financial statement) Debe ser un estado trimestral?Android, Chrome, Google Pay, Google Play, and the Google Logo are trademarks of Google LLC.(No, it can be submitted at the end of the fiscal year) Qué debe incluir?Most checkbooks come with a few deposit slips.La cuenta corriente - Checking account.La firma - Signature, el activo - Asset, el pasivo - Liability.Direct deposit (direct payment) ingreso en cuenta nm loc adv depósito directo nm adj fixed-term deposit (banking: set term) depósito a plazo fijo naked deposit dated (law: free bailment) depósito gratuito necessary deposit (forced transfer) depósito necesario depósito preceptivo depósito hecho por obligación legal safe-deposit.Peter fue al banco a depositar un cheque.The non-English equivalent of the fdic's "official advertising statement" may be used in an advertisement only if the translation has received the prior written approval of the fdic.Best, Counsel, this letter confirms our telephone conversation of August 24th and supplements our letter to you dated August deposit deposit deposit Deposit - Investment - financial deposit account/savings account - financial Deposit account/Savings account - financial deposit accounts deposit accounts - financial deposit across the floor - grammar more.F/O Self cash in hand, on deposit or on call Cash Receipts and Deposit Records.

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You submitted a Spanish-language newspaper advertisement for auto loans for our review and approval.
Safety-deposit box (lockable metal box) caja fuerte caja de seguridad nf loc adj security deposit (money from tenant) depósito de garantía depósito en garantía depósito de seguridad The landlord asked the tenants for a security deposit before they were allowed to move into the apartment.
WordReference English-Spanish Dictionary 2018: Compound Forms: bank deposit (money put in account) depósito bancario nm adj certificate of deposit, plural: certificates of deposit (financial account) certificado de depósito credit slip US (deposit slip) ( banco ) comprobante de depósito nm loc adj demand deposit (law: withdraw.El crédito - Credit, el efectivo - Cash, quiero.(Do foreigners need to pay VAT?) No, pero deben presentar un estado financiero.Retirar dinero - Withdraw money.El extracto bancario muestra los depósitos en una columna y los reintegros en la otra.Deposit sth (money: put in bank) depositar, peter went to the bank to deposit a cheque.Time deposit (finance: has maturity date) depósito a plazo In Lists: Bank terms, Buying a house, Traveling and trip planning, more.