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D&d barbarian bonus actions

By allowing these spirits to partially merge with them, the Barbarian could carry out feats of superhuman prowess.
Barbarians come alive in the chaos of combat.
Goblin : The stat bonuses are surprisingly okay for boosting your.
Skills Backgrounds : The Barbarian doesnt fill the skill monkey role all that well, but they are more than capable of offering good party support in this regard.This might not be a bad choice, but there are 4 subraces PotA Air Genasi 1 Dex Might be a good choice for a Dexterity based Barbarian Earth Genasi 1 Str Not a bad choice, and you get to move over difficult terrain and get.At 15th level, that 1 to your stat has less impact in overall performance.More damage, more tankiness, and an unarmed weapon?They get 1 to Intelligence and the ability to cast Misty Step.The term "barbarian" comes from the ancient Greek "Barbaroi and is used to designate an uncivilised person or a person of an inferior culture.It's not bad but I'd stick with the standard.Kenku : Mental scores and skills you probably don't have good stats for?Savage Attacker : Very, very good.

This takes most Barbarians out of their comfort zone, but it isnt a bad choice.
It practically requires DM benevolence for it to be useful.
Just make sure you understand what you are spending your Actions on routinely, and what you *will* be spending your actions on in the future before grabbing this feat.
Primal Champion At 20th level, you embody the power of the wilds.
Firbolg does get magic, usually not very good on you, but its mostly out of combat rather than in combat, meaning it doesn't compete with rage.The 2 Wisdom is useful because of saves but its not crucial for you, but the Strength is welcome.Mixing damage types will likely jämför insättningsbonusar casino yield the best results, so pick 2 of Battleaxe/longsword (slashing Morningstar slot machine games on youtube (piercing Warhammer (bludgeoning).Saving Face looks flavorful and the Con is good, but the rest looks like a bit of a waste.Tavern Brawler Very cool flavour, but outside of fulfilling your character concept, you arent likely to see a ton of use out of this unless your DM skews the campaign in that direction, or unless you really want to invest in a Grappler.Vampire : Necrotic resist is a good way to start off and blood thirst is alright.Just have a Goodberry in your pocket ready to go and youre set.Defensive Duelist You dont do finesse.Or is the campaign set in a rough-and-tumble frontier where barbarians are common?

The other immediate issue is that the Unarmoured Defence ability is wasted.