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D&d 5e bonus languages

Bear in mind that monsters in the MM are simplified and streamlined creatures which stat blocks compressed to a minimum for the case of backgrounds and such.
However, I actually made a build that knows 19 languages by level.
Dwarves, dwarven, elven, elves, elven, giant, ogres, giants.
But, true Polymorph' (PHB 283) change most, if not all, the stats and features to that of the new creature.
Linguistic and skills, if any, are also part of the stat block.Others cant decipher a code you create unless you teach them, they succeed.This build also allows for assisting the Fighter, Paladin, and Barabian by using the bonus action and reaction to grant advantage on ally attacks from a distance.DM: It's not even animate, let alone sentient.The new Quick Vestige List Originally Posted by Kazyan Playing a wizard the way GitP says wizards should be played requires the equivalent time and effort investment of a university minor.

The targets game statistics, including pengar insättning kista mental ability scores, are replaced by the statistics of the new form.
In this edition, though, it is not the case.
In the PHB, under wizard on pg 57, there is a bolded section: ".Is it related to attribute scores?The most prominent example for this are.Celestial, good outsiders, celestial, common, humans, halflings, half-elves, half-orcs, common.Aquan, water-based creatures, elven, auran, air-based creatures, draconic.Is it a skill?One point to consider: not everything that changes your stat block affects your languages.

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Each language has an alphabet, though sometimes several spoken languages share a single alphabet.