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D&d 3 5 races with charisma bonus

d&d 3 5 races with charisma bonus

Gnomes even have that aptitude for Illusion magic going.
T'kerrik 1 Animal Type 4 Str, 2 Con, -4 Cha, -4 Int Medium Fighter.
My party loves my Druid, but Im bored and struggling with character motivation.
Generally tribal, drakouni will follow the chieftain They are also warlike, but possess an honor not unlike the barbarian tribes of many other races.
Shinigami 1 Undead 2 Wis, 2 Cha Medium Bard As you float to the afterlife, contemplating how your death came to be, a resultat keno se sullen figure greets you at the edge of the mist covered river.Lacer, Deep 1st Humanoid (Reptilian, Dragon Blooded) -4 Str, -2 Con, 2 Int, 2 Wis, 2 Cha Small Priest or Sorcerer A group of anthro-lacertians at home in the underdark.Ani-Men, Rabbitman 1 Humanoid 2 Cha, -2 Con Medium Bard A hybrid of a rabbit and a human.Using their ability to summon and sculpt anything from gold metal they have created a small floating world upon which to live in peace.Medium Barbarian, Sorcerer In Tirran lore, the Dragonkin are descended from the two dragon Aesir, Bahamut and Tiamat ; Humans who evolved from the influence of the two deities have become fearsome creatures to behold.In August, the games publisher released an online tool called.Carvers 1 Humanoid (Carver) 2 Str, 2 Cha Medium Ranger Carvers, comparable to gnolls and orcs, are attuned with nature Catalons!-#-!-Types and (Subtypes, Subtypes)-!-2!-Stat-, 2!-Stat-, etc-!-Size: Pick (Small, Medium, Large, Huge, etc)-!-Class.Dragon Magic, Azurin from, magic of Incarnum, etc.) are also good choices.Add a link if it's a class found here.-!-around 25 word introduction and overview of race; displayed elsewhere.- Earth Ponies 1 Magical Beast 4 STR, 2 CON, -2 INT, -2 WIS Size:Small Any Earth Ponies are the rank and file of the Pony species, most.

Púppèts 1st Humanoid Wisdom OR Intelligence 2, Constitution OR Strength -2 Medium Sorcerer Beings created by an incredible power, they are feared, resented, even hated, yet often do not return these feelings.
Dwarves, Wood-Haired 0 Humanoid (Dwarf) 2 Constitution, 2 Charisma Medium Fighter The workers of the Dwarven World in Vermadad (excluding Minors) Dwelf 1 -types and subtypes- 2 Dexterity, 2 Constitution, -4 Charisma Medium Any Dwelves, DarkÃâDrowgar 1 -types and subtypes- 2 Con, 2 Dex,.
Ryuu'Kigen 1 Fey and Reptilian (Dragon Ancestry) 2 Dex, 2 Cha, 2 Str Medium Varies Androgynous, oriental Dragonkin; half Fey, half Dragon Sandman 1 Elemental (Earth Subtype) 2 Dex, 2 Con, 2 Int, 4 Cha Medium Any Earth elementals made of sand.Sword Coast as a dwarven barbarian?Lurewolves 1 Humanoid (Lurewolf) 2Dex,2Wis,-2Cha Mediun Ranger or Rogue Lurewolves keep to themselves and are very wary of others.Their diet usually includes fish and any berries they can find in their regions.Evoil 1 Humanoid 2 Str, 2 Dex, 2 Int, 2 Wis, 2 Cha Medium Fighter Ewok 1 Humanoid 2 Dex, -2 Str, 2 Int, -2 Wis Small Any.Heartbound!-#- Humanoid type 2 Charisma, 2 Constitution Medium Paladin Hellborn Vampire 1 Humanoid (Unliving) Special Medium Rogue Half-vampire, half-fiend, all kickbut.Centaurs, Crescent 1 Monstrous Humanoid 2 Dexterity, 2 Constitution, -2 Intelligence Large Ranger Crescent centaurs are lean and agile.Humanoid (Dwarf) 2 Str, 2 Con, 2 Dex, 2 Wis, 2 Cha Medium Fighter Harder than the rock they inhabit Dwarves, Taresi 1 Humanoid (Dwarf) 2 Str, 2 Con, 2 Cha Medium Fighter or Paladin Dwarves that have mastered the metal trade on the planet.