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Spottier cape Purchased in Varrock from the Fancy Dress Shop Owner for 2 Dashing kebbit furs and 800 Coins.A spotted cape will reduce your weight by 3 kg, and a spottier cape will reduce it by 5kg.Veteran Cape (5 year) 4 Veteran..
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Civilization vi citizen slot

civilization vi citizen slot

Otherwise, converting and then allying with city-states is a decent way to earn a chance at a Protectorate War, which can then earn you more Faith in the process - that you can then put into converting more civs and city-states!
Must be placed adjacent to a Camp improvement." Taj Mahal Base Cost: 920 Production Requires: Humanism civic "1 Era Score form Historic Moment earned after this wonder is complete if that Moment is usually worth 2 or more Era Score.
Republican Legacy (Wildcard All cities with a district receive 1 Amenity and 1 Housing.
All your cities on your non-home continent with a Governor gain 15 Production, 15 Faith, and 15 Gold.
If successful, each Member receives a Relic.Korea Unique Unit - Hwacha: Renaissance Era ranged unit with high Ranged strength, but cannot move and attack in the same turn.To improve Loyalty in a city, you can: Establish a Governor in the city for 8 loyalty Maximize your cities and Citizens within 9 tiles, and minimize foreign cities and Citizens within 9 tiles Have a nearby city with an Entertainment Complex produce the Bread.100 Tourism to all National Parks.The fact that occupied cities will act as normal, coupled with the added trade routes you'll likely unlock as you go and the Satrapies bonus will likely stack nicely.Macedonia Unique Unit - Hypaspist: Melee unit that replaces the Swordsman, but doesn't require Iron.Horns, Chest, Loins (Shaka Fancies corps and armies, and those that utilize them.Can escort moving civilians and support units at their higher Movement speed." Notes: It is unlocked with Stirrups technology, but it does not replace any existing units.Zulu Unique Unit - Impi: Medieval anti cavalry unit replacing the Pikeman.Dharma (India Receives Follower Belief bonuses in a city from each Religion that has at least 1 follower.Colonial Offices (Economic 15 faster growth and 3 Loyalty per turn for cities not on your original Capital's continent.1 Relic slot "Grants 100 religious tourism to the city it's built in, bonus Food, Production, and Culture on tundra tiles, and contains additional Relic Slots." Statue of Liberty Base Cost: 1240 Production Requires: Civil Engineering Grants 2 Settlers.

Make sure you have enough resources and diversified cities as soon as possible to counter her, and keep a strong military to hand to deal with those mid-game Winged Hussars.
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Alexander the Great Tips: When playing as Alexander: Alexander is, predictably, compeltely focused on securing a Domination victory.
Mongolia Unique Unit - Keshig: A Medieval Era mounted ranged unit, with a ranged unit promotion table, but 4 Movement range.Based får och inte får göra efter insättning av spiral on this score, the civilization will qualify for a Normal Age, a Golden Age, a Dark Age, or a Heroic Age.Replaces the Water Park district, and provides 2 Amenities.Black Marketeer : Strategic resources are not required in the city to build resource dependent units.Mount Roraima "Four tile impassable natural wonder.Amber (Luxury) "Amber has been prized for its decorative value since the Neolithic era, and also figured prominently in religious practices.

New Spy mission: removes a Governor from a city and returns him or her to the unassigned pool.
Replaces Horseman, has 2 movement and 40 melee attack.