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Civ 6 adjacency bonus cheat sheet

Reddit/iotafox, for example, having a natural wonder or a mountain adjacent to a holy site will provide extra faith points, but there's no direct interaction between a holy site and a neighborhood.
The choice of what district to build and when will depend on any number of considerations, from your starting location and city placement to any overarching victory goal that you might decide to work toward.
The District Strategy is one of the.R6: Post is about modern day news or politics.Nonetheless, there are some basic things to be aware of to ensure you're always making the right decisions.The coastal bonus is doubled if there is a cliff.As ever, any place with hills or stone where you can build quarries and mines will be great for production, since you can put down an industrial zone next door.Just mega fortune jackpot 17 million as Civilization V unstacked units for clarity and fairness, Civilization 6 unstacks cities for flexibility and empowerment.Barracks, stables, armories and military acadmies can only be built here.Workshops, factories and power plants can only be built here.Remember that you can buy tiles directly with gold, so dont worry if your city planning ideas seem a little ambitious at first.

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Civ 6 is the introduction of districts, which dictate which kinds of buildings security deposit can go in various parts of your city for example, you can build an art museum in the Theater Square District, but not in an industrial zone.
Shrines, temples and worship buildings can only be built here.Create Post r/civ Rules.The Holy Site's Natural Wonder bonus will come into play less often simply because natural wonders are few and far between.Aqueducts also provide 2 housing if adjacent to a city center, but a massive 6 housing if they are also adjacent to a source of fresh water and the city is not.R5: No explanation in the title, post OR comments.There's no point making every city a dazzling centre of culture if you're intending to go on the warpath right from the off, for example.

Mountains are better for both faith and science, while wed advise against planning your city around the weak return you get from forests or rainforests.
Typically, these specialised districts have additional bonuses but might also carry an additional requirement of being built on a specific type of terrain.
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