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Civ 5 nations bonus

Additionally, youre stronger than average religion can allow you to instantly buy Great People or defensive units, as you see fit.
A classic by any measure, Civilization V allows you to guide your nation from inception to world domination in any way you see fit.
You can now take cities with ships themselves so why would you want Berserkers to do so?
Especially since they can move after attacking, so you end up moving in, hitting the city and then moving out of harms way.
1 Culture from each Fishing Boat and 2 Culture from atolls.Ottoman Summary: Passive, Large Cheap Fleets, Capturing Faction Ability: Barbary Corsairs - All melee naval units have the Prize Ships promotion, allowing them to capture defeated ships.Every civilizations has unibet casino tournaments their strengths and weaknesses, but Poland has very strong strengths and almost nonexistent weaknesses.Japan is the best.Units receive a combat bonus when fighting within their own territory.Once that's done, they must start investing in inquisitors and prophets in order to spread their religion to all corners of the world, while reaping the benefits of their faith.Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's, and that includes everything in the world, ever.Junky civilizations to play as: Egypt on more than 5 difficulty.

China is probably the worst civilization in Civ V to be honest.
Civ series, always leading to the space race that will expand civilisation to the stars.
The special ability of Poland "Solidarity" doesn't sound that good until you really think about.
This means that you actually have to survive long enough for the UN to be formed, and then get everyone else to like you enough to vote for you - but this includes City State.
It's extra bonus when constructing Wonders in the Korean capital means that those already extremely important buildings have an extra attractiveness to Korea, and if properly pursued, can turn this nation into a major powerhouse.Simply put, Siam is the best civilization to attempt a Diplomatic victory.A diplomatic victory is achieved by winning the 'World Leader' vote in the United Nations.They are the only civilization I can easily win on 6 difficulty using.Morocco Summary: Active, Trade Route Management, Difficult Faction Ability: Gateway to Africa - Receives 3 Gold and 1 Culture for each Trade Route with a different civ or City-State.My hardest challenge ever was winning Deity as the Boers on Scramble for Africa.For some reason, I find Russia and their leader a top choice in Civilization 5 because of their trait which gives them extra resources, which means that you can create more special troops that other civilizations.The Egyptians were master builders, being good to the point that people still think their work is magic and not science.They are good at invading city states, but doing so will make everyone hate you.Best Diplomatic Victory Civilizations, why make war when you can make friends?

Given the prevalence of barbarians and humanity's penchant for war, the Aztecs can quickly gather huge amounts of culture for policies and even cultural victories, making it an unorthodox but highly qualified option for cultural playthroughs.
Germany Otto von Bismarck, if youd like to go for a big push early one, Germany is probably the best choice as they will get free troops from the Barbarians, therefore getting a huge bonus to start with.
England Summary: Active, Naval Domination, Map Control (Sea) Faction Ability: Sun Never Sets - 2 Movement for all naval units.