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Campus district adjacency bonuses

campus district adjacency bonuses

Unlocked with bonus kreditkort Civic: Rapid Deployment: Allows ability to airlift land units between Aerodrome districts with Airports 3 Production, unlocked with Technology: Engineering, replaced by Bath (Rome).
Each turn, you gain tourists based on your tourism.
Heres the details for the Theater Square: Unlocks with Civic: Drama Poetry Replaced by Acropolis ( The Greeks ) 1 Great 12 slot invisible bag Writer Points 1 Great Artist Points 1 Great Musician Points 2 Culture per citizen 1 Culture from each adjacent Wonder 1 Culture for each.
Unlocks with Civic: Games and Recreation Replaced by: Street Carnival (Brazil) 1 Amenity from entertainment Trade yields: 1 Food (both domestic and international) Buildings Arena Unlocks with Civic: Games and Recreation 1 Amenity from entertainment Replaced by Tlachtli (Aztec) Maintenance cost: 1 gold Zoo Unlocks.Civ 6 Lets Play series).Replaced by Lavra (Russia) Unlocks with Technology: Astrology 1 Great Prophet point per turn 2 Faith from each adjacent natural wonder 1 Faith from each adjacent Mountain on Plains, Desert, Tundra or Snow tiles 1 Faith from every 2 adjacent Woods tiles 1 Faith from.Culture expands your city borders and pushes you through the Civics tree, allowing you to unlock new Policies and Governments.Lighthouses, shipyards and seaports can only be built here.

Or is it just wrong?
Circuses and bread, right?
Markets, banks and stock exchanges can only be built here.
Unlocked with Technology: Celestial Navigation Must be built on Coast or Lake adjacent to land Removes Movement penalty for embarking and disembarking Replaced by: Royal Navy Dockyard (England) 1 Trade Route capacity 1 Great Admiral point per turn 1 Gold from every 2 adjacent district.this diagram essentially explains the following: Campus districts generate slot kartu tidak bisa dibuka Great Scientist points, with science bonuses for adjacent mountains (2 each rainforests and other districts (1 for every two of each).The World Ranking tells you how many tourists you must attract from abroad in order to win.Note: the number on the top bar next to the suitcase is how much tourism you are generating per turn.I can't find details written down anywhere or in Civilopedia.