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Du kan derfor føle deg trygg på at du ikke vil finne partiske omtaler hos oss som villeder mer enn å veilede.Ettersom mulighetene er mange, er det lett å forstå at førsteinntrykket kan være overveldende.För dom som vill spela med riktiga pengar så..
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Borderlands 2 jackpot machine rewards

match ).
To rub salt on the wound, it's even the same ending screen in both games.
Good luck!" The PSP port of Platypus simply kicks you back to the main menu after beating the final boss.
At least they get to enter their right issue and bonus issue calculation initials afterward (if they got a high score, anyway).
So many pieces to make! .The NES The Adventures Of Rocky And Bullwinkle game is another case of a glorified Game Over screen.In Army Men : Sarge's War, after the Big Bad is killed, all the player receives is a medal, and are unable to save the game after beating the last boss so they can keep the medal.Junior manages to beat the game in ten minutes, much to Bowser's bewilderment.Magneto says exactly what anyone who knows the character would expect him to say, we find out that, predictably, Sinister had sabotaged Apocalypse's machine, and they fly off.

Grand Theft Auto 2 has nothing but a screen with "game complete" and a bunch of random pictures once you finally complete the last area.
Of course, most gamers will probably see the infamous "WOW!
The sky is blue, water is wet and you've won the game.
The heroes bickering for a few seconds before they go their separate ways, one with Laura in tow.Oddworld : Abe's Exoddus has a real ending, but taunts players who don't find all 300 mudokons with the implication that they missed out on something extra special.In Atlantis no Nazo, after playing through the Final Zone and getting the crystal, the enemies stop firing, the dude who you had to rescue comes to life and starts laughing, and the word "congratulation" is splayed over the middle of the screen.You have accomplished your mission.Ill be back next week with another new video. .So it was no surprise that she wanted to be Batman-girl (not Batgirl) for Halloween. .

But I was determined to keep going and make something I could be proud of!
Adventure, the original Atari VCS (later 2600) game: The screen flashes and a triumphant fanfare plays.