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Borderlands 2 best from slot machine

borderlands 2 best from slot machine

Three Eridium Bars: 4 Eridium, three Double Eridium Bars: 8 Eridium.
Maybe we just need to leave sanctuary, save and quit, then go back to Sanctuary, so that's just what we did.
We roll the slot machines again and hope for the best, we got the normal eridium again, success right?
Overall you are most likely just going to get tons of useless vendor fodder guns (Vendor Fodder: an item only useful for selling at an ammo/med/gun machine a mess of different player skins, and some of your cash back).
I went to the slot machines just for the hell of it to see if i could get a better weapon as all i had was a shitty revolver and coach gun, and i used both slot machines.First and Second dont match: No Reward.So i stayed by the slot machines and waiting for my friend to get back in the game, and we rolled the machines again.If a One Armed Bandit is killed, it will fall to its stomach and the machine will remain operable.After this we decided saving and quitting isn't helping and i got an idea, so i told my friend what if it's an area glitch?I have found the cost of the slot machines the one-armed bandits paf bonus code 2018 carry to be the same as all the others and the odds of a useful payout or a legendary to be exactly the same as well.We were shocked and obviously concerned, we've lost a decent bit of money at this point and decided we'd take the legendaries, but just sell them to get the money we wasted back.Both me and my friend have thousands of hours on the game and have never seen this happen.So i keep rerolling them trying to get at least a decent green gun from them, and i just kept getting eridium.So the images are rolling and i got eridium on the first machine, cool, i can get a shotgun ammo upgrade.

Three Psycho Heads: A live grenade will drop out of the machine, explode, and deal damage to any players within the vicinity.
Again perfectly normal stuff, we were so relieved to have things back to normal and we went about our business and did some side missions finally.
Eridium Jackpot on both machines.
The first was in Fleshstick's camp, the second was in The Fridge (just before the cliff above the cristalisks and the third was in Sawtooth Cauldren while doing the side mission for raising the flags (he was in the last flag camp).One at, the Holy Spirits, on the backs of, one Armed Bandits two regular slot machines two torgue slot machines at the Badass Crater Bar (DLC).As for odds of a payout (especially a useful one there are many videos on youtube that suggest one or another having better or worse odds, but as someone who has played all of them for upwards of 10 hours each; the odds on any.Three Cherries: Green item.Last night i was playing with a friend of mine on brand new characters and made it to Sanctuary, did things as you normally would, deal with scooter, collect up all the side quests, get a couple eridium upgrades.

Beware, these machines can drop live grenades.
We decided we wouldn't exploit whatever was happening to get a bunch of eridium upgrades for free, and just saved and quit, then went back in to try and fix.
Slot machines can be found throughout Pandora and reward players with various items from.