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Bonus malus model

bonus malus model

Ken occasionally starts speaking in what most viewers would assume to be Korean.
The Homo Sapiens Agenda, Simon's email persona is named Jacques.
One could argue that the Dark Hour is The Witching Hour.
Catalina, the Latina maid in My Name Is Earl, occasionally goes into an angry-seeming stream of Spanish, which is taken by non-Spanish-speakers to be a free bonus without deposit casino blistering insult (usually aimed at Joy).
Borat is an English hidden-camera film about a fictional Kazakh reporter and his producer filming what the public thinks is a "documentary and they frequently converse with each other in Kazakh; however, no actual Kazakh language is heard in the film, since Borat's actor.In Season 2, Episode 11 of 30 Rock, Liz Lemon eats "off-brand Mexican Cheetos" called "El Sabor de Soledad" while discussing an ex-boyfriend; these later become a Running Gag.I believe Elvis is alive." In one of the d20 Modern adventures (Le Chien de l'Onyx ( although in proper french, it would be Le Chien d'Onyx (The Onyx Dog a captive NPC you can free is called Delacey Otage (Otage is French for Hostage).There's also one that translates to "Warning!Consequently, many of his lines are wry complaints or commentaries about the film rather than lines appropriate for his character.South Park : When the Antichrist, the Son of Satan, is enrolled at South Park Elementary, his appearances are heralded by a latin choir ominously voicing a sinister chant (a Shout-Out to The Omen )."Martel-de-fer a maul, which is "hammer of iron" in French.The Black Cat, features a stock-phrase-derived satanic invocation offering unintended laughs for anyone who understands Latin.Letters Back to Ancient China has many.Several examples of this trope happen in JAG ; in German, Farsi and Russian; courtesy of in-house polyglot Mac.Translating Akallabêth into High Elvish yields Atalantë, which is suspiciously close to the name of a famous mythological island which also sank.

It is not yet time to rest." In Pacific Rim, all the Japanese lines are given subtitles.
Not ready to admit the truth, Rebecca solves the situation by slapping the man in front of everybody and claiming that men like him are the reason she left Finland.
Samir's head will chant seemingly gonzo's quest free spins bonus random gibberish which are actually Russian, "Shtobo mola jit" (for little life "Myorvt shtobo jit" (Dying to Live and "Mogsgi, Mogsgi, Mogsgi" (Brains, Brains, Brains).Video Games The FPS Medal of Honor features some funny conversation between enemies.Who came up with that answer?" In the same episode, Bart and Homer speak subtitled Japanese after spending time in a Japanese prison and learning the language.In the skit, an unnamed mob boss threatens then-chairman Michael Tsurs likeness Don Tsurleone that if he doesnt return the money that Jewish businessman Tibor Rosenbaum gambled away, he will be killed.An episode of Rocko's Modern Life had Rocko, Heffer and Filbert watching a Spanish soap opera in which a man is tearfully telling a woman something that translates into "Maria, this book is late, I am going to the library." In the episode of The.Warhammer Fantasy Battle : Bretonnia is full of references to French.which is Swahili for "How do I get out of this chickenshit outfit?" In the movie Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, the whalers in the Sea of Alaska get the following dialogue: Whaler 1: Missä helvetissä me cherry casino affiliate program olemme?Many place and character names in The Lord of the Rings are quite descriptive, sometimes to the point of Foreshadowing.

Punanny means "vagina" in Jamaican patois.
Sa jambe est cassé.
He would also, despite being a staunch anti-Semite, curse in Yiddish.