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Bonus damage to elites diablo 3

bonus damage to elites diablo 3

I say roughly because the elusive and quirky random number generator has some say in these numbers, especially critical hit damage.
Not nearly as OP as crit.
The Action Bar Slot 1 is replaced with an ability called Arcane Blast that is much like Explosive Blast except it has a much shorter cooldown and does slightly less damage.If a wizard doesnt have solid gear to support Arcane Power generation from critical hits (see gear section below then instead of Sparkflint, Arcanot can be selected as the rune, which provides an additional 2 Arcane Power regenerated per second. Here are the pieces of gear that I have that do that, click to enlarge.The Weapon Base Damage Factor: This is your base damage, this is the Damage your weapon says it does, plus the min-max damage on your jewelry.

Cost: 25 Arcane Power Bathe yourself in electrical energy, periodically shocking a nearby enemy for 147 weapon damage as Lightning.
Each enemy killed while in Archon form increases your damage by 6 for the remaining duration of Archon.
Molten (ground effect and Explosion the following may or may not be bugs because its not clear what Blizzards expectation for these skills.
So yes: "Bonus damage against mob type" and "Bonus Damage against elite" are considered two different type of bonus for the game.Add Damage to Elites, so long as you can do so without reducing your overall DPS so much that the benefit is squandered.This can be increased with the two magic properties highlighted abovie, Specific Skill Damage and Elemental Damage.And really, I doubt blizz is concerned with them stacking. So Audacity is a no brainer. So simple, that Im surprised that Diablo 3 doesnt do this calculation for the players.Does that mean if I use poison abilities on an elite demon it will do 65 extra damage?Actual DPS Sheet bingo silver spring md DPS * Skill Weapon Damage Factor Damage to Elites Factor).

How is it calculated?
Yuka went over an updated version of this build in the first episode of Friday Night Gaming with Yuka.
The factor that shows how fast you attack, its pretty easy to calculate.