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Best in slot trinket shadow priest legion

Otherwise you might have a cooldown if you only just switched into one of the healing chakras.
Gemming is easy: All gems should be for Multistrike.
Season 15 honor gear is item level 522 and the Conquest gear is 550.
Reforge to, and gem for, Spirit until your mana is good.Not for any other pieces.You will usually be picking between this or Last Word depending on if you need the additional crowd control more or more frequent interrupts.Divine Star is a cheap heal with a short cooldown, but Prayer of Healing is better than Divine star, to skip this one Halo is the better choice when your raid is really spread out and your need to heal a number of targets.Good with Enchanting 1 Crit Goblin Holy relics for sale!As for costs, note that the Perfect gems have exactly the same stats as the regular gems, but one of the other is likely to be a lot cheaper.Level 30: Phantasm can help you to escape Level 45: Mindbender for the Mana.Sanctuary will give either of the latter, and your P of M, a very nice boost.Level 60: Spectral Guise is essentially a Vanish and works well with Phantasm.Shoulders Greater Crane Wing Inscription : 15 Int and 5 Crit Chest Enchant Chest Glorious Stats : 9 to all Stats Enchant Chest Mighty Spirit : 25 Spirit Bracers Enchant Bracer Super Intellect : 15 Int Enchant Bracer Mastery : 25 Mastery Gloves Enchant Gloves.

Consider it to be a pretty valuable stat until you can last an entire fight without running out.
At ten stacks lucky casino bonus code your next direct heal or shield also casts Prayer of Mending at the same target.
Cant use it while silenced, though.
Using either Flash Heal or Binding Heal grants you stacks of Serendipity, each stack reducing the cast time by 20 and mana cost by 10 up to a maximum of 2 stacks.
Power Infusion is a haste boost that also reduces the cost of our spells for the duration.If you are not sure when to pick Shadow Word: Death or Auspicious Spirits, then Shadow Crash is always going to be a safe pick.but lower levels will also find value here.Click the image to visit their page.Blacksmithing : 320 Int by adding two more gem sockets.Hit and Expertise are not needed (and are going away in WoW.).If you use Renew and follow it with Serenity then it resets Renew to the full 13 second duration, with the glyph bonus.

Can escape from speed altering effects, which has PvP use and situational PvE use.