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Best in slot holy paladin vanilla

Oath of Redemption XGtE : Unlike other Paladins, the Oath of Redemption Paladin emphasizes nonviolent options.
Firbolg vgtm : A but of Strength and some fun innate spellcasting.
Wind Shear and, purge Restoration Shamans are one of the best healers to play in arenas.If you have several Azerite pieces at the same level and / or are unsure on which traits to pick, check out our.Hexblade's Curse is a fantastic offensive option for paladins, and Hex Warrior allows you to totally ignore your Strength and Dexterity in favor of your Charisma).9th-Level: Plant Growth is very situational, but Protection From Energy is a fantastic and very important defensive option.We have also indicated which bosses you should use your bonus roll on, best of luck!Oath Spells: A few gems, but much of the list is either situational or unnecessary.Longsword / Morningstar / Warhammer: The go-to one-handed options.Aura of Conquest: Combined with Channel Divinity: Conquering Presence and the ability to cast Fear you have multiple ways to make enemies frightened.Vanilla PHB : Faces need quite a few skills, and two free skill choices gives you some flexibility to pick up a more interesting background or some non-Face skills.

Weapons Halberd /Glaive / Pike: Want reach?
However, Advantage on your save to maintain Concentration is a solid bonus for Paladins since many very effective buffs require Concentration.
Defense, pHB : Not very exciting, but since AC scales so little in 5e a 1 can be a big difference.
I don't think it was the intent of the background, but I can't see a reason why your faction couldn't be a church or a knightly order of some sort.Oath keno 22 of the Crown scag : Crown is a fantastic Defender build.Dex: Dump it and grab some Full Plate unless you want to go for a Finesse build.Table of Contents, general Information, this page is a gear reference for Restoration Shamans.Genasi eepc : Extra constitution is nice, but not terribly exciting, and none of the subraces work for the Paladin.Raids require a group of 10 players, depending on the difficulty setting chosen, and can take a varying amount of time to complete, depending on your group's gear and experience with the encounters.Keen Senses give you a single fixed skill, and you're giving up proficiency in any two skills.Channel Divinity: Nature's Wrath: A fantastic way to disable a single foe.