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Bdo xp bonus event

System The new 3D Minimap feature has been added.
For details on newly added Pearl Shop items and the 2nd Anniversary Sale, please click Here!
Ranger: The kicking motion will no longer be activated when jumping and using Ultimate: Evasive Shot then Absolute: Will of the Wind.
The wagon located at the entrance of Kamasylve Temple has been removed.
Group 1, 2, and 3 Icons on the Pet list has been updated with a flag icon (in different colors per group).Tax of 50 will be applied to the amount of Silver exceeding 500 million Silver.Pressing RMB after using the skill Spring Breeze will now activate Bridled Despair if Bridled Despair has already been learned.The following Absolute Skills for the Main flashback bonus Weapon have been added: Absolute: Valkyrie Slash, Absolute: Forward Slash, Absolute: Charging Slash, Absolute: Sideways Cut, Absolute: Severing Light, Absolute: Breath of Elion, Absolute: Sword of Judgment, Absolute: Shield Strike, Absolute: Shield Throw, Absolute: Just Counter, Absolute: Skyward.

The MAX price and MIN price of Pearl Items registered in the Marketplace will not decrease if there are less than 10 items in stock.
Sprinting will triggered after using the skill Stately Dignity only when the Shift keys are pressed.
You can adjust the 3D Minimap settings through the following area: Settings Game Etc.
The following Absolute Skills for the Main Weapon have been added: Absolute: Fearsome Tyrant, Absolute: Storming Beast, Absolute: Smack Down, Absolute: Undertaker, Absolute: Headbutt, Absolute: Tackling Rock, Absolute: Fierce Strike, Absolute: Frenzied Destroyer, Absolute: Predatory Hunt, Absolute: Raging Thunder, Absolute: Elastic Force, Absolute: Falling Rock.The button on the upper left-hand corner indicates the type of Minimap you are currently using.Fixed the graphical glitch in certain areas of the Gyfin Rhasia Temple that would cause the screen to display underwater effects.Resolved Issues Fixed the issue where Node Forts could be installed on top of the roofs and stables in 2 Serendia Swamp Node War Areas: Northwestern Gateway and Eastern Gateway.The following Absolute Skills for the Main Weapon have been added: Absolute: Wind Slash, Absolute: Fatal Blow, Absolute: Crescent Slash, Absolute: Brace, Absolute: Throwing Kick, Absolute: Floor Sweeping, Absolute: Kunai Throw, Absolute: Shuriken Throw, Absolute: Shadow Slash, Absolute: Heart Aiming, Absolute: Suicide Fall, Absolute: Ankle.Click Here m to see the Double Boss Drop event in detail.Your Minimap setting (2D or 3D) will be maintained even after reconnecting to the game.Switch to the new UI by pressing the Switch Menu button located on the bottom of the original ESC Menu.Select Random Learn Skill Randomly The Exchange Pet window will now close automatically when the Pet exchange fails.This has been reorganized into primary categories: Performance, Screen, Sound, Game, and Interface.