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Ashbringer relic slots

ashbringer relic slots

Relics also only add points to the traits that have a max of 3 ranks.
Ursoc's Endurance - casino gear hire Increases the duration of Barkskin, Iron Fur, and Mark of Ursol.5 seconds.
Ice Age - Increases damage of Flurry by.Vengeance Relics Iron Arcane Fel Top Relics Devour Souls - Soul Cleave heals for an additional.Precision - Increases the critical strike chance of Marked Shot by.Tidal Chains - Tidal Waves reduces cast time and increases critical effect chance by an additional 10.Molten Blast - Increases critical strike damage done by Lava Burst by.Increases critical strike damage of Obliterate and Frostscythe.Windwalker Relics Iron Storm Storm Top Relics Fists of the Winds - Increases the damage dealt by Fists of Fury.Scatter the Shadows - Increases healing done by Light of the Protector by.Legion including: Artifact Relic Info, each weapon can have a total of 3 relic slots.Monk Brewmaster Relics Iron Life Storm Top Relics Hot Blooded - Increases the damage done by Breath of Fire's Burning effect by 50 and reduces the target's damage done to you.Let me know if you have any questions!Highlord's Judgment - Increases damage dealt by Judgment by.

Furious Swipes - Increases damage done by Beast Cleave.
Subtley Relics Fel Fel Shadow Top Relics Demon's Kiss - Increases damage of Nightblade.
Deliver the Light - Increases the healing done by holy Light and Flash of Light.Holy Relics Holy Holy Life Top Relics Serenity Now - Increases the critical strike chance of Holy word: Serenity.Words of Healing - Increases healing done by Holy Word spells by.Falling Star - Increases the damage bonus of Stellar Empowerment.I'm going to list each weapon alphabetically by class, then spec.These traits work like the older talent system, giving things like increased damage to certain abilities or reduced damage taken. .Gutripper - Increases critical strike chance of Eviscerate by.Fire liselund ny slot at Will - Decreases the cast time of Fireball by.Warrior Arms Relics Blood Iron Shadow Top Relics Exploit the Weakness - Tactician's chance to trigger is increased as if you spent 10 more rage.Inimitable jackpotjoy bingo Agony- Increases damage dealt by Agony by.

Not only is there a weapon for each specialization in the game, but they each have their own traits.
Top Relics, nothing but the Boots.