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Agony resistance slots

agony resistance slots

Agony infusion slot, agony infusion slot is a new slot on infused Ascended items (rings and backpieces only).
Methods to do it for fewer slots follow the same principle, such as the setup for free accounts above.
While infusion slots from infused items did exist, they generally served no purpose other than increasing a character's agony resistance as they could not be upgrade with anything other than Agony Infusions.
Total : 5632 1 havoc t19 set bonus Agony Infusions and 84 62 in reagents Additional weapon cost : 9 Agony Infusion (256 1 Agony Infusions and 3 81 44 ) for each slot Other methods Standard The simplest method that utilizes all possible infusion slots.You will need 50 AR for fractal level 40 and 70 AR for fractal level 50 due to the Mistlock Instability which frequently inflicts your party with agony.Acquiring upgrading agony infusions sfi signing bonus 1 agony infusions drop from the chest at end of each fractal.The agony resistance changes are only relevant to the new agony resistance slots on Infused rings/backpieces.There is no limit, you can craft until you run out of resources.Total : 864 1 Agony Infusions, 12 9 60 in reagents and 90 Integrated Fractal Matrix Additional weapon cost : 5 attribute infusion (48 1 Agony Infusions, 57 20 and 5 Integrated Fractal Matrix ) for each slot All 9 infusions While not efficient, this.Anguished Tear of Alba - Grants 10 Agony Resistance.The infusions used may be deconstructed into lower infusions through infuz-5959 after the mastery has been trained.At a minimum you will get at least one 1 agony infusion but sometimes you can get more from the chest.Weapons should hold the lowest value infusions so that additional infusions will be cheaper to add if multiple weapon sets are used.So for a level 30 fractal having 40 agony resist should make agony a minor annoyance.There will be a recurring cost at Scale 92 and above (or Scale 89 and above, if Rigorous Certainty cannot be maintained).

Players who crafted these prior to the July 26, 2016 update were given either a 7 attribute infusion or a 9 attribute infusion, depending on the type of infusion it was.
Only 100 artificer is required to upgrade infusions to any level.
You can extract infusions you have placed into an item by using transmutation splitters sold on the gemstore.The July patch replaced the infusion slot on Ascended amulets with an Enrichment slot.Only 16 infusion slots are required for this set.Maximizing resistance edit The following should be kept in mind for maximizing Agony Resistance: The maximum amount of agony resistance required for Fractals of the Mists at scale 100 is 150.Other combinations are possible, but are excluded for brevity.It costs 75 Fractal relics each and give you 5 Agony resist.Here is a chart showing you how many 1 agony infusions you need to make an agony infusion of a given stat.14 7 Agony Infusion (98 AR) 4 8 Agony Infusion (32 AR) Total : 1408 1 Agony Infusion and in reagents Additional weapon cost : 7 Agony Infusion (64 1 Agony Infusions and 94 24 ) for each slot Alternative Minimalist Used by people who.Total : 1728 1 Agony Infusions and 25 58 7 in reagents Additional Weapon cost : 7 Agony Infusion (64 1 Agony Infusion and 94 24 ) for each slot Fractal God A setup for people with tier 4 Agony Impedance and Mist Attunement, which.