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5e bonus action between attacks

You cant attack an opponent that has total concealment, slot med krabbor musslor vacker bergsnatur sjöjungfru though you can attack into a square that you think he occupies.
The creatures description includes the details.
A creature with the Track feat and the scent ability can follow tracks by smell, making a Wisdom check to find or follow a track.
If youve already taken a 5-foot step, you cant use your move action to move any distance, but you could still use a different kind of move action.
This includes retrieving or putting away a stored item, picking up an item, moving a heavy object, and opening a door.Thrown Weapons The same rules apply when you throw a weapon from each hand.If you do not have the Improved Drag feat or a similar ability, initiating a drag provokes an attack of opportunity from the target of your maneuver.Healing Ability Damage Temporary ability damage returns at the rate of 1 point per night of rest (8 hours) for each affected ability score.Casting a Metamagic Spell Sorcerers and bards must take more time to cast a metamagic spell (one enhanced by a metamagic feat) than a regular spell.

A composite longbow can be made with a high strength rating to take advantage of an above-average Strength score; this feature allows you to add your Strength bonus to damage, up to the maximum bonus indicated for the bow.
Using a whip provokes an attack of opportunity, just as if you had used a ranged weapon.
The victims experience point total is immediately set to the midpoint of the previous level.Rays All ray attacks require the attacker to make a successful ranged touch attack against the target.Trident This weapon can be thrown.If you do not have enough movement, the drag goes to the maximum amount of movement available to you and ends.Unless otherwise noted, improved grab works only against opponents at least one size category smaller than the creature.